My conversation with the almighty….

They say,”Believe in your DREAMS ,they are bound to becum REALITY “…

Believing it , I too made a DREAM …Oh my ALMIGHTY…

Dreamt of a basket , full of cheers…
A sea filled with happiness , and no more tears…

May every step of success chase my path..
And showers of joy make me bath..

Making every possible try ..Oh Lord ..doing whatever I can…
But feel like , all the efforts , all the sacrifices everything in vain..

At times , wish to fly off , away from this mess….
Away… much away….. from this success , from this failure …. much away from this race..

Oh God …..destiny is something I don’t believe in.. but I believe in YOU..
With the purest heart and soul… head before you I bow….


DREAMS are meant to come true , unless you stop believing in yourselves…..
Don’t just believe in me ..Oh son….. believe in yourselfs….

Life is not a easy way , oh child….
But full of passages … narrow and wide..

Through which you have to seek your way….
Releasing yourselfs from every blind alley..

I ask you my boy, ” Were you unaware of the hurdles in the way????”
“Was all that you dreamt ,all that you prayed.. just to fly away…??????”

No…… my son…..
You had a feel of the deapth of ocean….

Still… HOPE was all what you had with you to fight….
Along with the bag of DREAMS packed tight…

For what all you DREAM….. for what all you DESIRE…
PATIENCE and DETERMINATION is all that you require…



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