need someone of that sort…


I need someone who knows me better than I do to myself. Someone who at a glance gets to know which string is playing it’s tune from within or on which gear this bike is running. I need someone who within a fraction understands which chip is to be replaced/corrected in this motherboard..

I need someone who has a solution for all challenges I face or someone who can fulfill each and every dream of mine. I Need someone who can get me each and every thing I want or someone who can bring dawn to every darkness of my life..

Just like the Jinny for Aladdin or like the Doremon for Nobita ,  I need something of that sort..

It is something I wish for , not just today but I wish for it since I was small . It may sound something very unusual or you may think of it as somewhat very childish . But I need it more intensely today than I used to wish for it in that tender age..

 It is because when I was small I used to think of my papa and mumma as the Jinny’s of my life . They used to get me each and everything I asked for. Even perceived my inner feels and fulfilled all the unasked desires.

May be because I was in the phase called as childhood , something which people consider as ” The phase of innocence “ when I used to dream of products which were “worth buying” or what we say as ” worth doing”. My parents always tried and even they try to make me feel awesome in any damn situation.

But now I’m “grown up” or what we say as I am matured now . That heart is no more innocent and has got the feelings .  It dreams of things or people which can never be bought.

This heart gets hurt by silly things , it has a fear of failure , it has a fear of staying away from people .  It hesitates to confess the things.

I need someone who keeps me away from all these pains, frights and hesitations . I need someone who helps me keep away from all d worries and fulfills all my desires.

                                        _Gaurav Toshniwal


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