need someone of that sort…

  I need someone who knows me better than I do to myself. Someone who at a glance gets to know which string is playing it's tune from within or on which gear this bike is running. I need someone who within a fraction understands which chip is to be replaced/corrected in this motherboard.. I… Continue reading need someone of that sort…



#GOLDIES.. "Hey!! May I please know your name?" That's the first meet! Through which a bit near we came.. Hours of baseless discussions and those stupid fights.. A day spent without them, I felt like isolated from the skies.. Today wherever they stand and whatever their position is.. They will always be my #GOLDIES! Oh… Continue reading GOLDIES 


connect the dots...

Move your way,

However worse the things seem today..

May the goals be miles away..

Since whatever time you are searching your way..

Dreams may seem to be blurred this day..

Here a bit attention you have to pay.. Move your way,

Because… This is not the last day..

Instead of crying and cursing sitting on the bay..

Let’s make a new began, like the first sun ray..

Let the disappointments be at the place they stay..

With the new hope, you move your way..

Focus on your goals, work hard for it and let the success sway..

Let the frustrations under lay..

And you move your way…

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​ये ठंडी हवा की लहर न जाने क्या लाइ है …

ये ठंडी हवा की लहर न जाने क्या लाइ है ... दरवाज़े पर नही ,खीडकी से ही दस्तक लाइ है... पुछा मैने उस से,"अरे कौन है यार?? और क्यो आइ है... किसी को साथ नही लाइ??? क्या अकेली आइ है??"   कहने लगी, "जरा साँस तो ले लेने दे यार, बडी दूर से आइ हुँ...… Continue reading ​ये ठंडी हवा की लहर न जाने क्या लाइ है …

My conversation with the almighty….

They say,"Believe in your DREAMS ,they are bound to becum REALITY "... Believing it , I too made a DREAM ...Oh my ALMIGHTY... Dreamt of a basket , full of cheers... A sea filled with happiness , and no more tears... May every step of success chase my path.. And showers of joy make me… Continue reading My conversation with the almighty….